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Bass Capital BassMasters Of Palatka, FL
Chapter Constitution and By-Laws

For Bass Capital Bass Masters

(December 1, 2021)


Article I:  Name, Mission and Purpose


Section 1:  Name

This club shall be called the Bass Capital BassMasters of Palatka, Florida


            Section 2:  Mission

To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.  To offer our state Game and Fish Department our organized moral and political support and encouragement.  To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and existing regulatory standards.  To detect and report any polluter and/or pollution and to call political and public attention to this crime.  To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideas and to promote and encourage youth fishing and a love of this great recreation.  To encourage total family participation in these purposes.  To function as a dynamic and effective link with other organizations embracing these principals.


Section 3: Purpose

To raise money for an annual day of fishing for veterans and their. Having them participate in this fishing event to bring better quality to their life. We will do this by raising money through bass fishing tournaments and other fund raisers, as well as soliciting donations. 


Article II:  Membership


            Section 1:  Requirements for Membership

To become a chapter member, a person shall:

  1. Be a minimum of 16 years of age as a non-boater or 18 years of age as a boater or non-boater.

  2. Voluntarily express a genuine interest in becoming a member.

  3. Be voted on by the members present at a regular meeting.  Vote will be a show of hands and must be affirmed by 75% of those present. A verbal reason for No votes must be given by the person(s) voting no at the time of the vote. Once a no vote is explained another vote will be conducted and that vote will be final.

4. Subject to the discretion of the Advisory Board, any member not considered as a member in good standing will be dropped from the rolls of the Bass Capital BassMasters of Palatka club


Section 2:  Membership Dues

  1. Membership dues shall be determined on an annual basis for the upcoming fiscal year.  The fiscal year shall begin the first day of January and end the last day of December.

  2. Membership dues are due and payable at the November meetings for the upcoming fiscal year.  Failure to pay dues by the end of the January meeting or by the date set by the Advisory Board will require application as a new member.  New membership applications will be accepted at any meeting. (Proposed) A new member joining in February, March or April may buy back up to three prior tournaments of the current year for Angler of the Year tournament points. Points will be awarded as “bought’ points. New members cannot buy back meeting points.

  3. The dues for new members are payable upon being accepted for membership into the Bass Capital Bass Masters of Palatka and are not refundable.

  4. A member may not participate in any tournament until all dues are paid in full.


Section 3:  Lifetime Membership

A member shall be awarded lifetime membership contingent upon the following requirements:

  1. Express a desire for lifetime membership.

  2. Have been a member for a minimum of five (5) years.

  3. Be sixty (65) years of age or older.  Be approved by a 75% majority vote at a regular meeting.

A lifetime member will be exempt from paying membership dues and will be allowed to participate in all club functions provided all other requirements are met.


Article III:  Officers, Elections, Vacancies and Eligibility


      Section 1:  Officers and their Duties

The officers of the club shall consist of:

  1. President:  Presides over all meetings and directs all official business.  Appoints and directs all committee activities.  Supervises all club functions.

  2. Tournament Director:  Responsible for the selection of fish-off sites with approval of the Advisory Board.  Supervise, organize and officiate all club tournaments using the Bass Capital Bass Masters- TBF tournament rules.

  3. Vice President:  Shall develop and present to the membership at each monthly meeting an informative program.  Each monthly program will be presented prior to the start of the regular business and may consist of informal talks, discussions, films, or other timely subjects.  Will conduct a monthly raffle or door prize give-always and will supervise all special raffle events.

  4. Treasurer:  Maintain accurate financial records and report same at each club meeting. Collect entry fees and all club dues.

    1. Assistant Treasurer:  Will fill in during the absence of the Treasurer and will help maintain accurate financial records.

  5. Secretary:  Maintain accurate minutes of all meetings and report the same at each club meeting.  Publish a monthly club letter, which will be made available to each club member at least two weeks prior to the regular monthly meeting.  Maintain a current and accurate club membership roster, attendance roster, compliance record, maintain tournament records, maintain the year to date stats and maintain the club website. Submit dues and club roster to the appropriate state affiliation.

  6. Tournament Committee:  Shall consist of three (3) members.  Assist the Tournament Director in the discharge of his duties.  Review tournament rules when appropriate, accept and consider any rule changes that are submitted in writing and submit to the membership the proposed tournament rule changes for a yes or no vote.

  7. Advisory Board:  The Advisory Board shall consist of all elected officers, five non-office holding members to be elected from the general membership and the past president. They will arbitrate issues at tournaments and any disciplinary actions needed

The election of officers shall be held annually at the regular November meeting.  Election shall be by simple majority of members present.  Election for each officer shall be held separately in order listed in Article III, Section 1.


Section 2:  Eligibility to Vote

Each member is entitled to one vote and proxy votes are not permitted.


            Section 3:  Term of Office

The term of office is for one year, which will begin with the first meeting in January and end with the last meeting in December or until the successor assumes office.


            Section 4:  Vacancies

In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations shall be asked for and an election held to fill the unexpired terms of the particular office.


            Section 5:  Eligibility for Holding Office

To be eligible to hold an office a member must:

  1. Have been a member for six (6) months.

  2. Have attended 75% of chapter meetings during the past year or for new members 75% of the initial six (6) months of membership.

  3. Have shown an active interest in all chapter functions.


Article IV:  Amending the Constitution and By-Laws

1.By a two-third (2/3) vote of membership present.

All amendments shall be presented in writing at the October meeting of the prior year. The membership will vote of any amendment presented in writing at that meeting. 

Exception to the above requires the Club President to declare an amendment as an emergency and 2/3 of the membership present must agree. 

  1. Written absentee ballots will be accepted if the president is notified prior to the vote.


Article V:  Removal from Membership

A member shall be dropped from the membership rolls for the following only after being notified in writing thirty (30) days prior to his/her removal:

  1. Failure to pay dues.

  2. Any action that would reflect dishonor or disgrace on this club.  The Advisory Board will be responsible for conducting a hearing and rendering judgment.  The judgment of the Advisory Board is final.

  3. If a member is removed from the membership roll for any reason in Article V, he shall be denied membership for one year.  Exceptions, for extenuating circumstances, to the one year denial may be granted by a two thirds (2/3) vote of members present at a regular meeting.  Member must fulfill requirements of Article II.  At the end of one (1) year, he may submit his application as a new member after meeting the requirements of Article II to be accepted as a new member.


Article VI:  Tournament Standing Points

Tournament Standing Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. Five (5) points for attendance at each regular club meeting.  May use attendance at Advisory Board meeting for make-up. May also make up meeting points by assisting with the juniors’ club. In any one month, a member can earn no more than 5 meeting points.

2.   All members that catch fish in each monthly tournament will be awarded points in accordance with their final standings.  (i.e. 1st place-45 points, 2nd place-44 points, 3rd place-43 points, and so on to the last finishing spot) 3.  All members that fish and do not catch fish will receive one (1) less point than the member who catches fish and is in the last finishing spot.  (Example:  Twelve people fish, 1st place gets 45 points, 12th place gets 33 points, and everyone that fishes and zeros gets 32 points).

a. Any member that buys a tournament will receive three (3) less points than the person that fishes and does not weigh in fish.

b. Any non-boater that wants to fish but is forced to buy a tournament due to lack of available boaters will receive one (1) point less than the member who catches fish and is in the last finishing spot.

4.   The member with the greatest total points after the final tournament for the year will be awarded the title, “Angler of the Year”.

5.  Junior Club members who are at least 16 year’s old may compete in the adult monthly club tournaments. The juniors must pay the tournament fee, can enter the boat pot but not the progressive big bass pot. Non-boater seats must be available. Adult non-boaters will have priority if seats are limited. Juniors 16 or 17 years old cannot operate the boat unless in an emergency.

Changes made January 2019

Passed: Article VI, Part 5; Article VI, Part 1; Article IV, Part 1; Article III, Section 1, Part 7; Article II, Section 4, Part 4.

Proposed: Article II, Section 1 repeal; Article II, Section 3, Part 2

Changes made February 2019

1)   Article II: Add new section 1 “Affiliate Clubs”; Section 2.: Revised minimum age and boater status; Deleted Part 4 proof of FLW membership (with condition that insurance will not be affected); Deleted Part 5 50% rule; Section 3 Part 2 change date renewals are due; Part 4 revised; Section 4 revised lifetime member conditions.

2)   Article III Section 1 Part 5 newsletter available two prior to next meeting.

3)   Article IV Part 3 deleted 50% rule

4)   Article VI Add points for unpaired non-boater.


Effective:  As of Date Approved


Approved on December 1st, 2021
by: Richard Jackson, President

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